About Us

CEO & Founder


Marketing and Strategy veteran with over twenty years of experience that has established strong, actionable relationships with key client executives to ensure that team members understand mid to long term business vision, as well as short term operational priorities and can action them both appropriately.



About Us

PowerPhyl Media Solutions is a highly responsive, woman owned media agency, that has long standing ties in the advertising industry, affording a wealth of experience and a passionate commitment to create the highest quality of work.

PowerPhyl Media Solutions is a reliable, experienced and innovative agency, able to leverage key partner relationships, unlocking access to proprietary opportunities, programs, and tools that generate deeper learnings and insights for enhanced targetability and campaign successes.

PowerPhyl Media Solutions stands out from the crowd as each campaign is managed by passionate and creative planning teams. This includes direct oversight and involvement from senior level executives, whose mission is to ensure the maximum reach & best return on investment. Our primary purpose is to help your brand grow, from incorporating the latest media concepts to excelling at client service. PowerPhyl Media Solutions is committed to establishing a mutually rewarding environment in which your success is our success.

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