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Phyllis Starsia

CEO & Founder
Phyllis is a Marketing and Strategy veteran with over 20 years of industry experience. After receiving her B.S. in Business from St. John’s University, she worked as a Media Buyer at the New York-based Marketing and Advertising firm, DDB. She later worked as a Media Buyer at the Grey Group and went on to serve as Group Director at the Advertising Agency, Ted Bates. After several years of cultivating expertise and leading media teams, Phyllis served as Executive Vice President of Tangible Media where she established strategic marketing direction, long-range and annual planning for each account in the agency. In 2018, she founded PowerPhyl Media Solutions, a reliable and innovative agency with long-standing ties in the advertising community. Drawing on her own actionable relationships with key client executives, Phyllis ensures that team members understand mid to long-term business visions as well as short-term operational priorities and can execute them both appropriately. PowerPhyl Media Solutions stands out from the crowd as each campaign is managed by passionate and creative planning teams. From incorporating the latest media concepts to excelling at client service, PowerPhyl Media Solutions is committed to establishing a mutually rewarding environment in which the client’s success is the company’s success.

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